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Schönen Muttertag / Happy Mother’s Day

Spring took forever to arrive here in Pittsburgh, but now we are enjoying the sun, the rain, and of course the seasonal allergies! The boys have really helped out a lot this year with planting and weeding, and our garden is looking great. The strawberries we planted last year are back and we can’t wait to enjoy some homegrown Erdbeeren!


This month, the hubs and I attended a local Maifest at the Teutonia Männerchor and really enjoyed ourselves. Their currywurst was very good, the potato pancakes were made-to-order and the Hacker-Pschorr was cold and refreshing! Our favorite German band, Mädel Jäger, played with their normal pizzazz. I am excited to go back to the club soon, and I loved wearing my new dirndl too 😉


This weekend has been so nice, my boys have showered me with attention and thanks and even let me drag them to Harmony, PA to have lunch at the Harmony Inn. We did not see their resident ghost, but their menu is heavily influenced by German cuisine and so of course we enjoyed ourselves!

The boys even made me breakfast before we went to church this morning; I am feeling very blessed to be part of such a wonderful family. I hope that all you amazing, hardworking moms out there have a great Mother’s Day and feel appreciated! xx