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Auf Wiedersehen Oktoberfest, wir hatten Spaß /Goodbye Oktoberfest, we had fun!

Autumn is my favorite time of year for so many reasons, but most of all because I love Oktoberfest. The tradition of Oktoberfest began when a Bavarian prince and princess who were wed in some fields outside of Munich, Germany on the 12th of October in 1810. Today, it is celebrated in Munich and throughout the US in various forms. I enjoy all of it – the music, the food, the beer, the dancing, and the dress. I hope to some day attend Oktoberfest in Munich, where they have huge beer tents for the adults, and carnivals/amusements/fair grounds for families to enjoy.  For a take on what celebrating Bavarian culture means to young Germans, check out this article from the NY Times about dirndls in the disco!

This year my hubby and I were invited to attend the Oktoberfest at Pittsburgh’s Teutonia Maennerchor, a private club which celebrates German-American heritage. We had a wonderful time – the food and drink were excellent and plentiful, the company was warm and relatively well-behaved, and the entertainment was great. Everyone looked so fesch, decked out in Trachten, and it was so nice to have another occasion upon which to wear my handmade dirndl.

Something that I am especially proud of is the fact that this summer, I sewed a dirndl for my good friend, Julie. She looks so lovely in it and appreciates the beauty of a custom dirndl! Here we are together at the Hofbrauhaus in Pittsburgh 🙂