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Weihnachtsmarkt / Christmas Market

The temperatures dropped suddenly this past week here in Pittsburgh, but the cold didn’t keep us from venturing out in the name of fun! On Saturday we bundled up and ventured to Harmony, a historic town founded by German settlers in 1804 for their German Christmas Market.

I enjoyed seeing German culture alive and well in the form of dress, music, food, and crafts. We saw several people in Trachten and they looked wonderful. My boys danced to traditional music and feasted on pretzels, and we saw wonderful handicrafts created by very talented people. Two large horses pulled a wagon up and down the street and the boys watched in amazement. A jolly Santa greeted our boys and asked what they wanted for Christmas. Finally, we waited in line for the most amazing cookies from The Two Fraus Bakery – their lebkuchen is SO GOOD!!!! I will definitely be returning to purchase more of their goodies.

One of my best memories of Germany is when my family visited the Nürnberger Christkindlesmarkt – it was simply magical, with amazing food and crafts. In the middle of it, huge snowflakes began to fall; the entire experience left quite an impression on us, especially my mom, who still raves about it. I hope to go back some day to share it with my boys!