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Trautes Heim, Glück allein / Home Sweet Home

We are back from our adventure! And while it was a fabulous visit filled with family, friends, and fun, I am glad to be sleeping in my own bed again.  And also the tiny twin beds of my boys, because travel means wacko sleep patterns and giving in to toddler demands that you snuggle with them until they (and oftentimes you) fall asleep.  I was actually awoken this morning at 2 am by the sensation of being gently crushed by my son’s 40 lb body after he snuck in and crawled in the middle to sleep.  It’s moments like this that are always more precious after the fact 😛

Highlights of our trip include:

  • Seeing Grandpa, Auntie and Uncle, Cousins, and Best Friend. In miraculously good weather!
  • Visiting many awesome playgrounds and Thomas Land, the most well-run and kid-friendly amusement park in all of history (probably)
  • Pigging out on fish and chips (french fries), cheddar and onion crisps (chips), M&S chocolate mini bites, and so. much. CAKE.
  • Drinking refreshing cider ON TAP and German coffee on the plane (I kid you not, it was GOOD)
  • Our stay at the Frankfurt Airport Hilton Hotel – so new, so clean, so modern.  I ordered Frankfurter sausages from room service and they were delicious!
  •  Introducing our kids to the strange realm that is England – they were so confused by driving on the “wrong side of the road” – kids’ words, not mine! lol
  • Watching the kids try real Brezeln for the first time (they loved them, of course!!)


Overall, our trip was successful, but there were some painful bits brought on by organizational incompetency. We flew directly from Pittsburgh to Frankfurt on Condor Airlines, the slightly disappointing younger sibling of Lufthansa. They began offering this flight two weeks ago, and while the food was great, service was friendly, and they even provided activities for the kids, they definitely were in “soft open” mode. Our flight over was delayed because they didn’t have the right paperwork, and our flight home left from Terminal C, which is truly the shittiest section of Frankfurt Airport. It is cut off from the larger, newer, and more interesting terminals – a fact which we didn’t realize until after we’d gone through security. We had promised the boys a playground, and not being able to provide one, we paid for it BIG TIME. If you don’t have kids, imagine trying to catch a crafty, small dog. On speed.

All said, I enjoyed our trip massively and feel so blessed to have been able to visit England and Germany, even if only for a bit 🙂

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