A few nights ago I had a dream that I was traveling through Britain and Europe, exploring and having fun with my family – just before I woke up I saw a SPAR across the road and was very excited to go shopping!! lol

It makes sense that I am experiencing Wanderlust (a strong desire to travel) because we will soon be traveling to England to visit our British side of the family!!  I am really looking forward to taking the boys with us on this trip. Even though toddlers can make horrible travelers, I want to share this other world with them that I love so much.  Fish and chips, public transport, the English countryside, chocolate digestive biscuits!!! The British, like us Americans, are having a rough time right now, with political strife and hateful violent acts – so we are coming to spread the love with our adorable children in tow!

We will be passing through Frankfurt and have almost an entire day there on our return trip. Naturally I have already looked at what sorts of shops the airport has, and it looks like they have some great stuff (Birkenstock!). And plenty of playgrounds for the boys 😉

Sadly, there is no Trachten store in Frankfurt airport, but I found one called Lilo-Trachten that looks great and is only 15 minutes away by car…I hope a quick visit can happen, fingers crossed!

Growing up, my sister and I were very lucky to visit our relatives in Germany many times. Our travels sometimes involved running through airports, trying strange new foods, and learning what to do and what NOT to do – and it was all worth it, even the not-so-nice parts. Through exploring other countries we learned about ourselves and grew closer to one another by stepping outside our culture. Humility comes when you’re trying to communicate with a stranger, in German, or apologize to your host for blowing a fuse with your American hairdryer (mom did it!). I have never enjoyed food and drink more than after a long hike through the Schwartzwald or a swim in the Chiemsee.  Experiences that teach us new things about our world, our lives, and our loves are what make life worth living. And that is why, even though I will be trapped in an airplane with two toddlers for hours, I am still very excited for our trip 😀 Prayers for safe and sane travel are appreciated!


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