Dirndl bodice trial-run / Dirndl-Mieder-Testlauf

While I am not surprised that preparation of my dirndl pattern took me a long time, I must admit that I am getting nervous about the amount of work it is going to take before I have a completed dress! I have cut out the basic bodice pieces in plain white cotton in order to practice sewing them together and see how the fit feels before I take the plunge and cut up my good fabric.  Yes, this is an extra step that is taking up time, but I’m glad I’ve decided to do it because trouble has already arisen in the form of a princess seam.  You’re only trying to sew two very differently shaped pieces of fabric together to form a perfect 3D curve, why should that be hard? SMH well, it’s a good thing we have talented sewers in the family from whom I can get advice! I’ll share the solution with you once I know what it is…Here’s a pic of the front without the back sewn on yet – slow and steady wins the race, folks!

dirndl muslin pic

Something that made me smile today was when my man showed me this wonderful inflatable pretzel on sale now at Toys’R’Us…only $10! I feel an intense need to go buy one, and we don’t even own a pool!

inflatable pretzel

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