Aldi Love

Aldi is the answer, people. Do you get frustrated with the tedious, overstocked nature of your local grocery store? ALDI.  Hate paying a ton of money for groceries? ALDI. Want to be able to afford organic food and fresh produce? ALDI. Love German food? ALDI!!!!!!

Today my mom came over and watched the kiddos so that I could take a luxurious solo trip to my favorite grocery store.  And while they sadly did not have Bavarian wursts in stock 🙁 they DID have lots of sweet treats from Germany, just in time for Easter!!! Check out the most exciting items:


  1. Haribo – If you don’t like Haribo, then I’m afraid you can’t be my friend. That’s how serious we are in my house about these little gummi guys!
  2. Heller & Strauss candies – I haven’t seen these in a long time, but they are just as good as they were when I was a little kid at Oma’s house.
  3. Apfel Schorle – defined by Wikipedia as “consisting of carbonated mineral water and apple juice“, I would add that it also has the magical property of quenching great thirst beautifully. This is especially true if you have spent any amount of time outdoors, perhaps hiking in the woods or taking a walk in the sunshine! I have great memories of drinking Apfel Schorle after hiking up a German mountain 😉
  4. CAKE – no need to go into great depth with this one because, well, it’s cake! With chocolate in it and on it! Goes particularly well with a good coffee when hanging with your best friends.

If you don’t have an Aldi near you, I’m very sorry. If you do and have not been, please go – you’ll be glad you did. Make sure to take a quarter for the shopping cart (no stealing a cart!) and reusable grocery bags (Schuetzt unsere Umwelt!) The best day to go is on Wednesday since that is when the Aldi week begins and you can grab all the good German food before other people do. When it is Nuernberger season, watch out – it can get crazy if my mom is there stocking up. lol

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