The Dirndl Challenge

Something you should know about me it that I LOVE DIRNDLS. A dirndl is a dress typically worn in Southern Germany, Bavaria, and Austria; while it derives from traditional folk garments, the dirndl has morphed and changed over the years and is still worn by many women today, especially during Oktoberfest. Designers offer everything from traditional frocks to haute cou·ture masterpieces, and I can’t get enough of them. I first fell in love with dirndls as a preteen – I was a young girl, about to hit puberty HARD, and I drooled over those pretty dresses in the shop windows.  (Pig nose, hot breath on the glass, you get the picture). I’ve always relished interesting details and intricate fabrics, so am naturally drawn to the dirndl, which even in it’s more traditional form still boasts a high level of complexity.  When I visited meine Tante in Munich as an adult, we combed the racks of C&A until I found one that I felt was truly “me”.  I’m proud to say that I still enjoy (and fit in!) my one and only dirndl, but I am getting antsy for another!  If my pinterest board could speak it would say “Halt, bitte! Genug ist genug!”  😛

My dream that I am currently working towards is to run my own online boutique where I can sell dirndls, lederhosen, and other Trachten (traditional garments) accessories to Americans.  But before I attempt to do that, I want to understand what makes dirndls so amazing, through and through. Therefore, I have decided to attempt to sew a dirndl for myself (GULP! GASP! FINGERS CROSSED! KNOCK ON WOOD!)

I have downloaded and printed out this Burda pattern, and now must begin the pain-staking task of taping it all together, tracing it (adding a seam allowance too!), and then creating a muslin because I dare not skip that step and end up with too much or too little fabric in places. Being a very busty girl, I anticipate quite a bit of tailoring. But I found the CUTEST fabrics at Wal-Mart of all places and am excited to work with them.

Please say a little prayer for me as I begin this (possibly insane) endeavor and let me apologize in advance to my husband, parents, and neighbors for any swear words that reach your ears in the process!!! Updates and pictures, however gruesome, to follow….

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